Its a modern design and technology which made us possible to innovate this dream machine.. It dispenses fully pued hygienic phulkas in 10 seconds, just with a touch ..
RotiMax has a brain (computer) inside, so its not just a machine; its an automated robot.. Just connect water, oil and dry our.. It measures, mixes, kneads, attens, bakes & presents it in style.. All fully automatic, with just a touch of a nger.. It saves a lot of money, time and labour and delivers untouched pulkas.
Rotimax is beyond imaginations; it has no switches, it operates only on demand with just a nger touch or with a wireless remote.. This machine is not for bulk supply of roties, its for a food outlet / restaurant / tin centers / curry points / fast food centers where rotis have to be served hot on plates when customers/ consumer demand for it, and so has a sensible output of 1 roti for every 10 seconds.. We have concentrated on design and performance of rotimax without any compromise at any stage. Now we are developing it to more perfection. The components & mechanism used are all to the standards and NSF approved. The Structure is strong & attractive made of modern technology.
Expected Launch of ROTIMAX is by the end of March 2014.. Bookings are open for rst 100 Machines at an estimated price of 5000 USD

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