Its designed to look aligent and give smoother ice cream with intencive churning.. This model is a too Compact machine, its looks attractive with decent output * This machines occupy very less space and can easily t on any counter in bakery or foold chain outlet.
This model is for ice cream parlour, were ice cream is served in dierent conceptial bowls. It got single avour but we can provide hundreads of dierent ice creams with extra toppings like choco fudge, hot choclet, choco chips, tuti fruity, fresh chopped fruits, strobeerry crush, and many more. With this machine and toppings counter you can satisfy all customers with dierent taste
* Complete 304 SS - Good Attraction with Sticker * Compact Design - Advanced Technology * Power : 0.7 Kw * Capacity : 3Lts /Hr * Cones/Hour : 60 (50ml) * Hooper: 5.8 Lts * Weight : 60Kg * Size : 14" x 30"x 31" * Warranty :1 Year
Just mix 1kg Pre-Mix Powder with 4 Lts of Milk and then pour in hooper. Now Swith on machine in Auto Mode. Your yummy ice cream in ready in aprox 15 min.. Enjoy the Taste.
PRICE : * Single Flavour Machine With Single Nozzle @ Rs. 1,00,000