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Welcome to Soda machines, a unique concept which is running successfully. Because of it's catching Rs. 5/- concept in Andhra, Rs. 7/ - in Uttar Pradesh and Rs. 10/-concept at Tamil Nadu, reaching to all sections of society and the delicious, tasty, yummy, mouth- watering and taste-bud tingling variety of soda flavours, you can start up your business and get your return on investment within few months with our soda fountain machines.
We Manufacture soda machines ranging from 4+1 valves to 20+2 valves of different models and can be customized depending upon customer requirement like on omni van or push cart and provide flavours of more than 60 varieties. We are providing Soda machines and flavours along with all guidance to set up a Soda machines outlet. All our models have an additional valve for non-carbonated (without Gas) drink. Example: Model 8+2, means 8 Flavoured Soda drink with Gas + 2 Flavoured drink like mango without gas.
Our soda fountain machines are easy to install and operate and doesn't give any problems. These soda dispensers are designed sophisticatedly and stylishly. Our soda making machines are extensively used by food and beverage industry and commercial outlets. The Soda vending machine that we Manufacture, Export, and Supply is designed by engineers to the understanding of customer usage. The Soda makers that we are highly reliable in nature. Fabricated from quality materials ensures lesser problems.
We are direct manufacturer, and so we provide the best price among other traders. we believe in quality so we don't prefer in keeping rates hidden. Please fill the contact form and download the price list & catalog.