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* One Set 100ml liquid & 100gms powder
* One mini box conatain 4 sets of same flavour
* One carton conatains 12 boxes that is 48 sets
* with 70/- avarage costing per set, the avour per glass could be about only 27ps.
* There are over 60 varierty of fruit & malsala avours thats used for avoured soda and over 10 natural avours, that consumed without soda like Ghat mango similar to maaza.
Rasna, Apolo, IFF, Avan, Trishul, Columbus, Etc

Take a 20lts bucket, add 6lts water and 6kgs sugar, now mix it well with a stirrer. Now add avour liquid and powder pouch and mix it till every thing dissolves.. Now lter it in to a 18lts syrup tank.. thats it your desire avour concentrate 10lts is ready to connect to machine.
This batch of 10 lts of concentrate syrup mixes with 40lts of plain soda and make 50lts avoured soda, Enjoy. * 250 glasses of 200 ml -or- 200 glasses of 200ml
Its Simple, You Order We Supply, just send list of desired avours, we will dispatch it by train or transport. make sure you too maintain stock always