Its an innovative soda machine. these moving models can fetch more income by increasing your sale. practically here you reaching your customers instead they walk to you. With this model you can be at right place on right time and earn income. So no more searching for shop and paying heavy advance and rents.
* It got two units, soda and cooling * It Has in built water tank of 220lts capacity * Battery & Inverter can be installed within machine * For power supply Inverter 850 Watts Excide and Battery 150 AH Amaron to be purchased locally for a backup of upto1600 Glasses * also got Ice add on facility for extra backup * Sticker design will be provided for branding.
Can be easily installed in Maruti omni van, echo, Tata ace, Mahindra pickup, Piagio appy and even in Tata nano. we customise these machines to the dimensions of vehicle. So you get any vehicle, we assure we will install the best possible machine in it.
During night time at parking you have to charge your battery and also switch on cooling via direct power supply and at the same time charge your inverter battery. Once fully charged and cooled, you can start your business trip this machine will give a output of almost 1600 glasses.
* 6+2 @ Rs. 1,30,000 * 8+2 @ Rs. 1,50,000 * 10+2 @ Rs. 1,70,000 * 10+2 @ Rs. 1,90,000